Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sherlock Watching and Paper Writing

Hello everybody!
This may sound weird but I wanted to start writing something so I could hear the keys type and I wouldn't get so bored. So right now I am typing listening gleefully to the keys make their clicky noises I just love. I'm also listening to Sherlock well, actually watching it because its on T.V. but that doesn't matter. I also have a paper to write. The word document I started has about one paragraph on it and daunting, blinking cursor staring me right in the face. But, I can just save the paper for later because TV and the Internet are much more interesting.

I've also started this new diet thingy so I can eat healthier and its going pretty well. I watched a documentary last week on food and health and a plant based diet. So I started eating a plant based diet with small amounts of meat. (I'm really sorry but none of this is in any order because my brain is just kind wandering) I'll probably do a post on it if you like I really don't know yet. I'm not even sure if I'll put up regular posts. I'll probably just do it when I feel like it. You know?

Well I should go now and type on my empty DAUNTING word document. Wish me luck.

Blah, blah, blah,

- Ballerina